New acquisition for Cellar Link

Cellar Link Pty Ltd, a new Australian premier wine collection manager and fine wine retailer, has announced its launch onto the market, following the management buy-out of Australian Portfolio Wines Pty Ltd.

Following a strategic review of the business, Eamonn Egan, former group general manager at Australian Portfolio Wines Pty Ltd, led the management buy-out with support from a newly-strengthened Cellar Link team. The buy-out has enabled Sydney-based Cellar Link to both restructure the core wine collection management business, as well as expanding into the premium wine retail arena.

As a result, Cellar Link launches its Global Wine Management Portal, a fully-integrated online platform for subscribed clients, enhancing this integration with specialised software from Sage Group plc1, the leading supplier of management software to businesses worldwide. The Global Wine Management Portal grants clients instant, secure access to their wine collection online, providing all the key resources (tasting notes, drinking window guidance, global market valuations) necessary to guide clients through the management process. Cellar Link clients can also access status reports and related invoicing for the storage and insurance of their wines in Cellar Link’s managed, climate-controlled warehouses worldwide.

Cellar Link has also launched its new wine retail website in Hong Kong ( enabling Cellar Link to capitalise on the recent reduction from 40% duty to zero in Hong Kong and Macau, now well placed to take advantage of Asia’s growing interest in fine wine. The retail websites enable Cellar Link’s clients who wish to trade their wines (presently in storage) on the retail market, coupled with the existing exit strategies of brokerage to the wine trade and managed sales at established auction houses, providing global premium wine solutions.

In addition, Cellar Link offers its clients independent, monthly global valuation data for their collection (in alliance with Wine-Searcher.com2, the world’s premier wine search engine) viewable through its Global Wine Management Portal. Clients can log on to view indicative values for their wine across major markets in Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United States. The Global Wine Management Portal also provides expert insight including tasting notes and ratings from international wine critics, guidance on peak wine drinking windows as well as collection management advice (buy/sell/hold). Cellar Link then facilitates trading for those clients opting for brokerage services, and oversees the logistics and all transactions on Cellar Link's sales platforms.

The innovative development of the Cellar Link global premium wine solution model was spearheaded by managing director Eamonn Egan who was keen to improve the sales and management fluidity of clients’ wines across active secondary market sales platforms.

Egan said, “We are genuinely excited to be offering our clients such a technologically advanced trading solution. Premium Australian wine remains in demand amongst consumers and collectors alike, and our goal is to see our clients get the best possible return in the present market. For example, we’re strategically launching our retail operations in the tax-free market of Hong Kong first, increasing our clients’ potential for profit from retail platform sales.”

“Wine collections can be a sizeable investment and in the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to facilitate the clients need to have control over their investment outcomes. Cellar Link’s Global Wine Management Portal gives wine collectors the key resources and guidance they need to make informed decisions and our dedicated Cellar Link team can then act on their instructions.

"We at Cellar Link are acutely aware of the technicalities and requirements for legislative compliance in trading premium wine around the world, and our Global Wine Management Portal software makes trading wine a breeze for Cellar Link clients be they wine collectors, wine distributors or like minded wine brokers," he said.

Cellar Link will continue to develop the Global Wine Management Portal functionality to ensure clients receive the best market integration. The company has in place strategic partnerships with key players in the USA and UK, with a view to those companies operating the Cellar Link business model in their territories; these opportunities will be activated as the market demands.

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