Artisan Wine Storage unveils $2M facility in Sydney

Artisan Wine Storage

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Innovative wine storage and tasting lounge, Artisan Wine Storage has launched in Sydney. Dedicated to the proper care and management of wine, the $2million facility offers a fully  integrated 3PL (Third Party Logistics) service from warehousing to full supply chain  management. Artisan Wine Storage has also established a network of vertical sales channel partners which provides trade clients the ability to sell wine online. This cohesive offering allows trade clients to concentrate on their core business activity of brand building while Artisan Wine Storage manages the rest.

To achieve this, Artisan Wine Storage built a climate controlled warehouse that offers a constant 12°C (the only facility in the Southern Hemisphere) and 55-75% relative humidity, utilised  cloud-based wine management technology and designed a wine tasting lounge that really encapsulates the perfect wine-centric facility for trade customers to showcase wines to their clients and Artisan Wine Storage’s client base.

Artisan Wine Storage chose to use the expertise of Wine in Cloud Software Solutions Pty Ltd to develop their cloudbased Wine Management Portal™ - a subscription based solution for ‘virtually’ managing all inventory online, whilst also facilitating Artisan Wine Storage’s brief to assist their expansion internationally and develop a global franchise system. It is this cloud-based software that allows client’s access to Artisan Wine Storage’s vertical sales channel partners to sell wine direct to consumers, thus enabling immediate marketplace exposure without having the hassle of finding the channels themselves. This vital point of difference to other wine storage companies comes at a time when the Winemakers Federation of Australia estimates 77 per cent of domestic wine sales are now through outlets owned by Woolworths and Coles, and the direct to consumer market is the biggest growth component. This is reflected in the US where a recent report states 62% of US wineries have indicated that direct to consumer is the fastest growing sales channel, with margins materially higher.

Artisan Wine Storage CEO, Eamonn Egan says, “No trade client wants stock sitting in a  warehouse without the ability for it to be simultaneously listed for sale, so we are providing the capacity for our business clients to sell their product through our vertical sales channel partners facilitating a direct to consumer marketplace. There is no listing fee and with commission only payable on a successful sale, we’re in the business of making business happen.”

Artisan Wine Storage is the first storage facility in Australia designed to exceed the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) standards. This internationally recognised code of practice certifies good wine storage management in the key areas of temperature, humidity, lights, vibrations, insurance, hygiene, inventory management, security and maintenance.

“All facets of Artisan Wine Storage have been designed with the most sophisticated technology. From the constant climate controlled 12°C and ultra-modern facility, to the use of the cloud-based Wine Management Portal™ and 3PL services. We believe we are the best in the business for your wine,” says Eamonn.

“One of the reasons I chose 12°C for the warehouse is because of the effects of the GFC over the past six years, which has seen less wine being exported overseas especially to the US. This has led to current vintage wines along with prior vintages sitting in wineries in 16-18°C or even higher conditions. If they don’t slow down the maturation process they run the risk of not being able to sell the wine at a premium.”

“Proper wine storage is imperative to maintaining the integrity of the product and can even increase the clients’ return. We have $22 bottles of 2002 wines currently in storage that the winery expected to last only 5 – 8 years, but after 10-12 years they’re still drinking beautifully. If that happened to be Penfolds Grange, we can effectively add 15 years of life to the bottle; it’s a fantastic result for the owner of those products. Essentially, we can elongate the lifecycle curve by slowing down the maturation process,” says Eamonn.

Located 15 minutes from Sydney’s CBD in Lane Cove, Artisan Wine Storage’s integrated solutions are available to Australian and overseas wineries, wholesalers, retailers, auction houses, or liquidators, as well as private collectors and capable of servicing Sydney restaurants at a moment’s notice.

Artisan Wine Storage - Methuselah's CellarThe on-site wine tasting lounge and cellar, has been specially designed to provide the perfect wine-centric venue and trade clients can take advantage of these facilities for promoting and selling wine whether it be tastings, product launches or wine dinners.

Artisan Wine Storage corporate members are also able to enjoy Methuselah’s Cellar. This  stunning space meticulously designed by Eamonn Egan displays museum wines from many renowned wineries including the only public, dual vertical display of Penfolds Grange bottles (1951-2008) and magnums (1979-2008). The cellar is beautifully hand-crafted and presented in Figured Tasmanian Oak and also contains 44 member Vin~Crypts™ for storing wine.

Access to a Vin~Crypt™ is part of a corporate membership package with an extensive list of member benefits. Methuselah’s Cellar can be used for breakfast, lunch or board meetings, or as an impressive venue to entertain clients for dinner, whilst having direct access to the wine stored in the member Vin~Crypt™. Complete with telephone and video conferencing facilities,   Methuselah’s Cellar provides the unique opportunity to hold a wine tasting while connecting live with a winemaker in the vineyard without even leaving your seat – definitely a first!

Artisan Wine Storage is located on Unit 2, 7-9 Orion Road, Lane Cove West, NSW 2066
Phone: 1300 350 456

- Climate controlled storage (1million bottles) constant 12°C, 55-75% relative humidity
- Ambient (2million bottles)
- Fully integrated 3PL (Third Party Logistics) service from warehousing to full supply chain management
- Wine Management Portal™ - cloud-based technology by Wine in Cloud Software Solutions enabling clients to ‘virtually’ manage inventory in the warehouse. For a demonstration on how the Wine Management Portal™ empowers its customers click here
- Enables clients access to vertical sales channel partners to sell wine direct to consumers
- Import and export services
- Wine Tasting Lounge and Methuselah’s Cellar to hold events, dinners and showcase wines

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